Leveraging Talent Analytics

Leveraging Talent Analytics

Talent and HR analytics are changing the talent experience due to applications of big data and intelligent machine learning systems in almost every aspect of talent management. To stay ahead of the tech-curve, HR leaders are beginning to adopt HR and talent analytics without understanding them completely/how to best leverage this kind of data.

Talent analytics, generally speaking, is the application of statistics, technology, and expertise to large sets of people data which results in better decisions for an organization. Such data is used to create a better understanding of the strengths of employees, potential employees/candidates, their weaknesses and how they can be improved.

Designed exclusively for large enterprise employers, PeopleFluent is a leading independent provider of cloud based integrated recruiting, talent management, and compensation management solutions. By deeply integrating pervasive video, strategic analytics and collaborative social technologies into its complete suite of Talent Management applications, PeopleFluent helps organizations to transform talent strategies into tangible business results.

PeopleFluent’s white paper, “Leveraging Talent Analytics,available here, provides exclusive insights from a survey the company did with HR.com to gauge leading talent analytics practices and insights. PeopleFluent and HR.com surveyed HR professionals and talent management experts on their successes and challenges about staying ahead and relevant of this evolving area.

Download the white paper, “Leveraging Talent Analytics” here.

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