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The Top 5 Best Talent Management Books You Should Read

The Top 5 Best Talent Management Books You Should Read

The Top 5 Best Talent Management Books You Should Read

There are loads of free resources available online (such as Solutions Review’s buyer’s guides and best practices), and those are great, but sometimes it’s best to do things the old fashioned way. There are few resources that can match the in-depth, comprehensive detail of a good book.

With this in mind, our editors have done the research for you, having reviewed many of these books. We’ve carefully selected the top talent management books based on relevance, popularity, review ratings, publish date, and ability to add business value.

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Below you will find a library of books from recognized leaders, experts, and technology professionals in the field.

The Talent Management Handbook, Second Edition: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage by Selecting, Developing, and Promoting the Best People

This has been the go-to resource for HR professionals, CEO’s and business leaders who want to take the lead in building a diverse, talented, and motivated workforce. Each section of this book offers state-of-the-art processes, step-by-step practical management tools and techniques, and up-to-the-minute resources that will equip you to discover and develop new talent, inspire and train future leaders, reward and retain the top talent and plan a culture of organizational excellence.



Building Tomorrow’s Talent: A Practitioner’s Guide to Talent Management and Succession Planning

Written by two HR practitioners who have implemented these programs in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, Building Tomorrow’s Talent provides practical ideas and tools to help others create and enhance these programs in their own organizations. This is a user-friendly guide that provides you with step-by step instructions for starting talent management programs from the beginning, or taking an existing program to the next level. Building Tomorrow’s Talent represents a landmark book in the field of succession planning and talent management.



Best Practices in Talent Management: How the World’s Leading Corporations Manage, Develop, and Retain Top Talent

Best Practices in Talent Management includes the most relevant thinking, tools, models, instruments, and case studies necessary to identify, lead, and manage talent within an organization. With a focus on results, this book provides insights from thought to leadership for real-world talent management practices.

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Effective Talent Management: Aligning Strategy, People and Performance

This book is about aligning the business’s approach to talent with the strategic aims and purpose of the organization. The ideas, principles, and approaches outlined in Effective Talent Management will enable the reader to understand the strategic nature of talent and design a response that meets the needs of their own organization. Case studies are provided in this book to illustrate the concepts and proven methodologies guide the day-to-day practice of the reader. Content provided in Effective Talent Management will link the strategic intent of HR with the practical actions it takes to make a positive impact on the business’s results.



Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development: A Practical Guide to Transforming Talent Management Strategy for Business Results

This book provides a great explanation on how and why strengths-based recruitment is having a transformational impact on performance in top companies. It includes case studies and interviews with executive board and C-suite level individuals that provide a rare insight into how they’ve implemented approaches in their organizations to improve the bottom line and performance. Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development shows how strengths-based talent management goes beyond simply recruiting the right people to creating a strategy and culture that has a transformational effect on organisational culture and results.



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