The 5 Best Talent Management and HR Podcasts You Should Listen To

The 5 Best Talent Management and HR Podcasts You Should Listen To

Within recent years, podcasts have grown to be one of the most popular ways to get news and information. Although talent management and HR tech podcasts haven’t exactly been the driving force behind this explosion in podcast popularity, it’s still helpful to know they exist! With that being said, whether you’re looking to pass time on the commute or trying to ease the monotony of a tedious chore, these five podcasts will help you keep up with the latest news, trends, best practices, and to hear from the top minds in the industry. We highly recommend giving these a listen. [This is by no means a complete list, and if we’ve missed any needles in the haystack, let us know.]

HR Happy Hour

If you’ve got time to spare, head over to Happy Hour HR. With over 200 episodes aired since 2009, this podcast provides excellent material, news, and best practices for those in human resources. Episodes typically air around two or three times a month, focusing on management, leadership, workforce technology, and more.

Check it out here!

The Talent Development Hot Seat

The Talent Development Hot Seat is a podcast for Talent & Leadership Development professionals to share and learn from each other about the latest trends in the industry. Each week, the podcast host, Andy Storch, interviews HR/Talent leaders and influencers and asks them to share their greatest accomplishments, challenges and some of the top trends they are seeing in the Talent Development World. The goal of the podcast is to share insights, tools and trends that help talent development professionals become more successful in their careers. 

Check it out here!

 Nine-to-Thrive HR Podcast

Brought to you by the Human Capital Institute, the Nine-to-Thrive podcast looks to bring you the best actionable insight. Topics  cover recruitment, workforce planning, people analytics, and more. With each podcast hosted by a different HR pro, you’re sure to get a well rounded source of perspectives!

Check it out here!

 TalentCulture #WorkTrends

Join hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman on the #WorkTrends podcast from TalentCulture as they talk about how work is changing. You’ll get all the news you need to stay current, and hear from leading experts, HR tech vendors and HR practitioners about what inspires them. Join us on Twitter every Wednesday at 1:30 pm Eastern for a live chat using the hashtag #WorkTrends. 

Check it out here!

TalkingHR and HR Talks Back

TalkingHR is brought to you by Krishna De and Jon Ingham. Whether you’re an HR professional or business leader we share information, resources and tips on people and organizational development. We cover talent, leadership, employee engagement and what’s often referred to as HR 2.0 – the use of social media to support the delivery of your people strategy. Their other podcast, HR Talks Back, involves interviews with HR and Talent Management Leaders around the world about the key issues that matter to them.

Check out TalkingHR here! And HR Talks Back here!

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