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Talent Management Trends for 2019

Talent Management Trends for 2019

Talent Management Trends for 2019

As the new year approaches, business leaders and HR professionals are beginning to rethink how they manage and retain their talent, along with implementing new or replacing existing talent management solutions. Tom Haak, founder and director of The HR Trend Institute, argues that a big challenge for organizations is to make talent management urgent, and to make it a priority of today, not the future. With this in mind, it’s good to be prepared for what’s coming in 2019.

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In an attempt to bring you the best content within the talent management software space, Solutions Review editors search the web high and low for insights that can have a real impact. BirdDogHR, leading provider of talent management software solutions for the construction, manufacturing, and engineering industries, has provided us with the top talent management trends for 2019 in their whitepaper titled, “6 Need-to-Know Talent Management Trends for 2019Available here, the whitepaper outlines 2019 trends for the how-to strategies to manage effective job distribution, mobile talent management, and more.

For this article, we’ve chosen to focus on three of the top talent management trends for 2019. We encourage you to download the full whitepaper, here, for more information.

Growing Mobile

It’s a well-known fact that mobile technology is here to stay, however, many companies have not yet adjusted their talent management strategy to match. From mobile-compatible job applications to learning on the go, BirdDogHR provides information about bringing HR into the 21st century by getting on board with current tech trends. According to the whitepaper, job ads that are mobile-optimized are more likely to get the maximum number of applicants.

  • 53% of 18-to-29-year-olds have used smartphones as part of a job search, according to Glassdoor.
  • According to Recruiting Brief, 27% of mobile career site traffic comes from mobile devices, but only 9% of applications are completed via mobile device.

Furthermore, mobile talent management allows HR professionals to perform their day-to-day work more efficiently.

  • Using a mobile-friendly talent management solution allows HR managers to shift from managing employees to driving profits to their organization.
  • Mobile tech gives managers and employees alike the ability to give real-time recognition for important team contributions.
  • Mobile apps have been adopted by 91% of corporate employees, according to a CIO report for 2016. These can be used to streamline employee communication and manage personal and job information.

Even existing employees can benefit from the real-time information and access to necessary resources. According to the whitepaper utilizing mobile technology for payroll and benefits information can be available almost immediately.

  • Frequent surveys are also easier to conduct, giving managers the ability to identify company culture trends and concerns before they become big problems.
  • A recent CIO report finds that workers are more productive when they can bring their own device to work.

Managing the Modern Workforce

With all the changes in technology, recruiting and talent management, it’s important to realize that the human element of HR has evolved as well. The modern workforce is distinct from any other time in history, with different needs for engagement, recognition, and communication. Taking an individual approach when managing employees can make them feel that they are valued members of the company.

  • Employees want their employers to see their individual strengths and weaknesses and give them tailored
    opportunities for development.
  • By recognizing individual strengths and ideas, managers have the opportunity to increase employee engagement.

BirdDogHR argues that investing in employee development will keep employees engaged in 2019.

  • 71% of employees say that the benefits offered are extremely important to their job satisfaction (Refresh Leadership).
  • 65% of employees claim that quality training and learning opportunities positively affect their workplace engagement (SHRM).
  • According to a 2017 SHRM article, companies with employee development initiatives see a rate of engagement 67% higher and a 30% lower turnover rate than companies without them.

Effective Onboarding with Talent Management Software

In order to retain new employees, it’s important to engage them right away. This way, they feel like they’ve made the right choice with no second thoughts. BirdDogHR suggests thinking of ways to make their first day less overwhelming for new hires by streamlining the onboarding process. One way of doing this would be creating company-wide policies that support a streamlined onboarding process.

  • Organizations with a standardized onboarding experience see a 50% increase in new hire retention.
  • Talent management software makes it simple to standardize the onboarding process, making required forms easily completed and filed for later recall.

Whatsmore, give the new hire the opportunity to complete all the necessary paperwork before the first day. You can make it easier by automating this process through a talent management system for easy document retrieval.

  • 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company long-term if they experience high-quality
    onboarding (O.C. Tanner).
  • Best in class companies are 35% more likely to start onboarding employees before their first day (Aberdeen).
  • 22% of companies have no formal onboarding policies or programs, according to Harvard Business Review, so there is a lot of opportunity for improvement.

Download the “6 Need-to-Know Talent Management Trends for 2019” whitepaper.

Looking for more? Download our talent management buyers guide and check out the top-24 products available in the market with full page vendor profiles, key capabilities and questions to ask yourself and the vendor before purchasing a talent management solution. For those just starting the talent management software search process, this is truly the best resource to help get you going.

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