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Automating Your HR Processes for an Easier Workday

Automating Your HR Processes for an Easier Workday

Automating Your HR Processes for an Easier Workday

HR departments have a lot of responsibilities, most of which are still completed manually.  Technology is trying to help these individuals to enjoy the extra time they will benefit from by automating HR processes and adopting Talent Management Software (TMS). Closely related to HR software, Gartner Inc., defines TMS as an integrated set of applications that support an organization’s need to plan, attract, develop, reward, engage and retain talent. Such applications include workforce planning, talent acquisition & onboarding, performance appraisal/assessment, goal management, learning management, competency management, career development, succession management & compensation management. 

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Going far beyond traditional, annual reviews, effective talent management software provides solutions support for your talent’s day-to-day work, as well as overall career development. By adopting a talent management platform and automating specific HR processes, leaders can focus on other assets of the organization that need improving and rid of tedious manual processes.

“These functional components align with the key Human Capital Management (HCM) processes of plan to source, acquire to onboard, perform to reward & assess to develop. The talent management market is boosted by functionality to improve workforce engagement & collaboration, as well as to provide greater analysis and even predictive insights to improve decision making around workforce actions. It supports a variety of capabilities and are typically composed of four or more of the stated applications: workforce planning, recruiting, onboarding, performance and goal management, learning management, career, succession planning, & compensation management,” Gartner adds.

Benefits Of Automating HR Processes

Simple Time Tracking / Scheduling

It can be a catastrophe if your company faces a deluge of leave requests, so managing them is essential for any business. HR technology helps you avoid this disaster by tracking the information behind the absence. Furthermore, it enables you to manage holiday requests, monitor remaining leaves and allows you to automate the time-consuming process of holiday booking.

Effective Employee Development

It’s a common belief that in order to grow your business you have to recruit new employees, however, that is not the case. It’s actually more affordable and beneficial to properly train your existing employees, and TMS can help with this. These systems facilitate employee development from training courses to performance appraisal. Regular appraisals can boost employee morale and give them incentives to maintain high standards of work – the software stores data on the issues discussed, feedback given, and the goals/objectives you decided together.

Safe Document Management

TMS maintains all your information in one centralized secure location and ensure it’s accessible at anytime. It’s more secure because you can control who accesses what information. Plus, cloud-based talent management solutions make sure your data is protected and available even when there are physical emergencies, like an office fire. You only need an internet ready mobile device or computer to access the data.

Talent management systems also provide document management capabilities – you can learn which staff member reads what and when. Plus, you can improve productivity by minimizing strenuous paperwork, access old documents or archive training manuals or handbooks, and allows your company to go green and run a paper-free environment.

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Download Link to Talent Management Buyer's Guide

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