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Pentesting Wireless Networks and Wireless Network Security

Regardless of residential or corporate environments, wireless networking has been trending, bringing WLAN equipment revenue up to $5.2 billion in 2015. Unlike wired networks, wireless networks go beyond the walls, and could transmit your corporate or personal data in a way anyone else can eavesdrop. With the quick adaptation of wireless networking, control of smart devices, including smart home devices and smart cars that might be at hands of a blackhat hacker. Looking from a different angle, every time you connect to an untrusted wireless network, a malicious attacker might be listening to your communication.

This session will technically discuss security risks associated with wireless networks, with near real-life demonstrations. Different network security mechanisms and their weaknesses will be discussed. Towards the end of the session, we will be discussing best practices that should be followed to secure wireless networks and your data over wireless networks.

Demonstrations will include following.

* Wireless network discovery and probing
* Wireless network attacks (WEP/WPA/WPS)
* Using OpenWrt open source firmware in wireless security
* Rough wireless access points (MitM/Traffic Logging)

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