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Artificial Intelligence News for the Week of June 14; Updates from Apple, AWS, Shreds.AI & More

Solutions Review Executive Editor Tim King curated this list of notable artificial intelligence news for the week of June 14, 2024.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant artificial intelligence news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy artificial intelligence news items.

Artificial Intelligence News for the Week of June 14, 2024

Akkio Unveils ‘Industry-First’ Advertising Agency-Focused LLM

Unlike general-purpose AI chatbots, Akkio’s platform was trained to learn common analyst and media team queries used to build and monitor campaigns. AD LLM connects directly to popular ad data sources, including Google Ads and Meta, and the most popular data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery. It’s easy to then share answers into a dashboard that can be used internally for collaboration or externally with clients for reporting.

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Anomalo Unveils AI Unstructured Text Monitoring

Anomalo’s unstructured capability makes it possible for enterprises to discover, curate, leverage and ingest high volumes of text data without the risk of using low quality data, which is especially critical for Generative AI applications. This new feature is currently in private beta.

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Apple Unveils Apple Intelligence, More at Annual Developer Show

The new Apple technology aims to unite the personalization of AI with the privacy the company has long built its reputation on. Sure, Apple could do the creepy things that competing AI models out there do, but the company promises it will just be super safe and helpful.

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AWS Adds $230 Million Dollars in Cloud Credits to AI Startups

The program also provides go-to-market support as well as business and technical mentorship. Participants will tap into a network that includes domain experts from AWS as well as key AWS partners such as NVIDIA, Meta, Mistral AI, and venture capital firms investing in generative AI. AWS also unveiled 2 new AI certifications this week.

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Boomi Unveils New AI Agents

AI agents are sophisticated software entities designed with a specific scope and personality, enabling them to function within predefined parameters and exhibit particular behaviors. Operating autonomously, they can make decisions using advanced AI-based reasoning algorithms, and can independently take actions to achieve their objectives.

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Certa Adds GenAI Features to Risk Management & Compliance Platform

This marks a new era of efficient and intelligent third-party risk and compliance management. With Generative AI woven throughout the Certa platform, a redesigned user interface, and plug-and-play ESG modules, Certa empowers organizations to proactively navigate regulatory complexities while offering robust, compliant, and sustainable third party relationships.

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Cognigy Raises $100 Million for AI-Powered Contact Centers

Customers create AI assistants through a low-code interface. The console makes it possible to customize the messages that a chatbot generates, as well as configure it to perform tasks in a company’s internal applications.

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Cribl Unveils AI-Powered Copilot for Data Management

Cribl Copilot is an AI-powered intelligent guide that accelerates efficiency in managing IT and security data at scale. With an innate understanding of the intricacies of complex data infrastructures, Cribl Copilot creates Day 1 value by helping users accelerate deployments and start getting the data they want in a matter of minutes.

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Databricks Unveils AI/BI Intelligent Analytics, New LakeFlow, Open-Source Unity Catalog

Databricks AI/BI features a pair of complementary experiences: Dashboards, an AI-powered, low-code interface for creating and distributing fast, interactive dashboards; and Genie, a conversational interface for addressing ad-hoc and follow-up questions through natural language.

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Luma AI Unveils New Dream Machine for Video Creation at Massive Scale

This accessibility could have significant implications for video content creation and the AI industry. Luma AI’s Dream Machine will go up against the highly anticipated upcoming release of OpenAI’s Sora, which also generates video from text.

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Matillion Launches RAG and Pushdown AI Component for Databricks

Matillion has a long-standing partnership with Databricks, the data and AI company, delivering integration and pushdown into its Databricks SQL data warehouse, which is delivering huge rewards for customers.

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Mistral AI Secures $645 Million Venture Capital Funding

The French startup is just more than a year old but has raised huge sums of money and is vying to take on OpenAI and become Europe’s AI champion. Mistral AI is building so-called large language models, which underpin applications such as chatbots popularized by ChatGPT.

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MongoDB Partners with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank on GenAI Banking

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has partnered with MongoDB to modernize its core banking technology with MongoDB Atlas as the keystone of an ambitious application modernization initiative.

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Neo4j Integrates Graph Analytics with Snowflake AI Cloud

The technology potentially allows Snowflake SQL users to get more projects into production faster, accelerate time-to-value, and generate more accurate business insights for better decision-making.

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NVIDIA Partnership with Databricks

Through this broadened alliance, Databricks is adding native support for NVIDIA GPU acceleration on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Today’s announcement builds on Databricks and NVIDIA’s collaboration to offer enriched experiences for enterprises, whether via training classical ML models, building and deploying generative AI applications, or optimizing digital twins.

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Parsable Drops AI-Poweres Analytics

Parsable’s AI-Powered Analytics provides customizable, real-time data visualization tools that enable frontline operators to make informed decisions instantly, addressing issues as they arise and improving overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Paul M. Nakasone Joins OpenAI Board and Security Committee

Nakasone will “also contribute to OpenAI’s efforts to better understand how AI can be used to strengthen cybersecurity by quickly detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats.”

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Pulumi Announces New Copilot Module

Leveraging the familiar GPT experience everyone knows, loves, and uses daily, engineers can find and take action on any resource in their cloud environments. Pulumi Copilot pioneers a new era of cloud infrastructure management, lowering the barriers and empowering organizations to achieve greater agility and innovation in the cloud.

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Quantexa Unveils New GenAI Suite with Big Names

Now ready for deployment, Quantexa customers will be able to operationalize Gen AI for transformative gains without additional investment in infrastructure, tooling, and any additional skilled resources. Per Thursday’s release, Nakasone “has served in command and staff positions across all levels of the United States Army with assignments with elite cyber units in the United States, the Republic of Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.”

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Scality RING Powers New Genomic Research at SeqOIA

This is the most recent in a series of deployments where RING is leveraged as a foundational analytics and AI data lake repository for organizations in healthcare, financial services and travel services across the globe.

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Shreds.AI Launches ‘First’ AI Capable of Generating Complex Software

It also solves the software obsolescence problem, increases software lifespan by more than 60 percent with automatic maintenance, and makes it easy to switch software technology, for example, from PHP to Java, from C++ to JavaScript, etc.

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Splunk Adds Data Management & AI Tools to Observability Solution

In addition, Splunk also unveiled the AI Assistant in Security that makes use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to streamline incident investigations using a natural language interface to provide summaries and recommendations and invoke the Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL).

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Unravel Data Unveils Purpose-Built Autonomous AI Agents

While generative AI capabilities such as Large Language Models allow users to ask general questions and receive broad answers, AI agents are designed to perform specific, actionable tasks within their domains.

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WIPRO and HPE Launch On-Prem Gen AI Solution

The solution will leverage Wipro’s smart operations platform and HPE machine learning development environment to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience for global enterprises.

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Wait, Who Has My Data Now? New Episode of Information Risk with David Loshin Now Live

Join Doug Atkinson and David Loshin as they break down recent forfeiture orders by the FCC involving location data violations by major telecom companies. They discuss the complexities of data sharing, the importance of governance, and the implications of information misuse.

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On-Demand: In a GenAI World, Do I Still Need a Data Catalog?

This month on The Jam Session, host Bob Eve is joined by Robert Seiner, Juan Sequeda, and Austin Kronz to tackle this pressing question. The panel discusses the evolving roles of generative AI and data catalogs, exploring their complementary strengths.

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SR Expert @ Insight Jam Samir Sharma Reveals the 7 Deadly Sins of Data Strategy

My work with companies all over the world has given me a lot of insights into where businesses get lost in the mire of tech and shiny new toy syndrome! In the race to stay ahead of the pack, ignoring the power of data is a surefire way to doom your business. Guess what: with little benefits and outcomes – it’s not working!

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Solutions Review Set to Host Observe.AI for an Exclusive Spotlight Event on June 18

Join us for an exclusive webinar unveiling the next generation of Observe.AI’s Conversation Intelligence platform, a pivotal technology transforming the contact center landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and revolutionize your contact center operations.

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Solutions Review Set to Host Nexthink for an Exclusive Spotlight Event on June 25

Nexthink uses AI to help organizations make the shift from reactive to proactive to preventative IT management, resulting in continued improvement in digital employee experience and productivity. Part one of this 45-minute session will show you how Nexthink customers are leveraging AI TODAY to make informed decisions for their companies, faster.

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