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Unanet Releases a Suite of New Upgrades for its ERP and CRM Products

Unanet Upgrades
Unanet Upgrades

Source: Unanet

Unanet has announced the release of a new suite of product upgrades for its ERP and CRM platforms. The new CRM functionalities will provide Unanet’s architecture and engineering (A/E) and government contractor (GovCon) customers with a suite of enhanced user interface tools to help those companies pursue and convert more customer opportunities.

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Unanet provides project-based ERP and CRM solutions purpose-built for government contractors and companies in architecture, construction, engineering, and professional services. The company’s ERP and CRM offerings can help users improve decision-making, promote business growth, turn data into actionable insights, automate essential processes, and optimize how their company manages projects, customers, people, data, and operations.

With the release of these customer-driven product upgrades to Unanet’s CRM platform, architecture, engineering firms, and government contractors will be able to develop and maintain insightful, streamlined experiences for employees who work on-site and remotely. The upgrades for Unanet’s ERP solution include enhancements for A/E and GovCon customers. A/E customers will receive enhanced mobile capabilities, new milestone billing tools, and the Project Central Web solution improvements. Meanwhile, GovCon companies will have access to new financial tools, expanded reporting capabilities for Unanet Analytics, and updated time and expense management functionalities.

Assad Jarrahian, the Chief Product Officer at Unanet, says, “We’re never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly working with our customers to ensure Unanet meets their ever-evolving needs. Industries are faced with unprecedented challenges right now, such as rapid growth, supply-chain issues, changing regulatory requirements, cybersecurity threats, and hybrid workforces. Unanet provides the backbone to help customers pursue new opportunities and manage projects consistently and effectively, so their businesses aren’t lagging behind.”

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