Hadoop for the Enterprise: Making Data Management Massively Scalable, Agile, Feature-Rich, and Cost-Effective

Hadoop for the EnterpriseAccording to a new research, more and more enterprise organizations are increasingly turning to Hadoop, both as a data platform that accommodates exploding data volumes, and a computational platform for business analytics that enables data-driven business decisions..

But As Hadoop enters into a wider range of use cases, and organizational types, it must satisfy the stringent requirements that traditional IT departments and business units demand of their platforms

New Hadoop ResearchRead this report to enhance your understanding of the many new products, technologies, and best practices that have emerged recently around enterprise implementations of Hadoop. You’ll learn how newly available options map to real-world use cases, with a focus on mainstream enterprise uses, while respecting tried-and-true IT practices and delivering maximum business value. You’ll learn about:

  • Considerations in making Hadoop suited to traditional IT departments in mainstream enterprise industries (not just Internet firms and specialty organizations)
  • New types of data-driven applications enabled by Hadoop 2.0, plus the business and technology drivers behind them
  • Trends and coming adoption of tools and technologies across the broader
  • Hadoop ecosystem of open source projects, vendor products, and user best practices
  • Ten top priorities for enterprise-scope implementations of Hadoop

Best Practices Series - Pentaho

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