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Cheetah Digital Unveils New Email Marketing Products

Cheetah Digital Unveils New Email Marketing Products

Cheetah Digital Unveils New Email Marketing Products

Cheetah Digital has announced the release of its newest email marketing enhancement products, Cheetah Tokenization and Cheetah Message Archive, according to a recent company press release. Cheetah Tokenization is focused on protecting customer data privacy by replacing identifiable keys, like email addresses, with non-personally identifiable information. Cheetah Message Archive allows brands to store and search copies of previously deployed emails. These new email marketing products allow marketers to better deliver personalized experiences, while simultaneously protecting consumer data privacy and adhering to corporate data retention policies

As marketing and technology continues to evolve, there are ever-increasing risks to data security and customer trust. With this shift in the way companies think about managing and sharing their customer data, solutions that deal with large amounts of customer information must change to fit the ideals of their vendors. Cheetah Tokenization allows clients to use their data to build personalized email campaigns while maintaining complete control over their data. Processes are’t disrupted, and customer privacy isn’t at risk. These tools allows organizations to meet global data privacy and data security regulations, including GDPR and industry-specific regulations.

Cheetah Message Archive helps marketers quickly search through large collections of emails and messages, giving clients recipient-level access to any message sent from Marketing suite or CheetahMail. Customer service representatives can easily locate specific emails sent to an individual customer. Professionals working in regulated industries like financial services or banking, can maintain a comprehensive archive that complies with regulatory retention and audit obligations.

Cheetah Digital is an independent enterprise cross-channel marketing technology company. They offer a combination of technology and in-house professional services to assist marketers in managing large amounts of information. Their Marketing Suite allows customers to optimize their cross-channel marketing with real-time insights and interconnected data sources. In addition to the Marketing Suite, Cheetah Digital offers cheetah Loyalty, a solution to increase connectivity between brands and customers, and CheetahMail, a highly-segmented email marketing solution.

To read further about Cheetah Digital and access their new email marketing features, click here.


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