Top Five Marketing Automation Youtube Videos You Should Watch


Top Five Marketing Automation Youtube Videos You Should Watch

In the age of the Internet, self-education is easier than ever. Anyone looking to learn a new skill or talent can head online and study under experts, learning desired skills in a timeframe previously considered impossible. Cooking, programming, and even juggling can all be learned, even if in a rudimentary fashion, over the course of an afternoon.

Marketing automation is no different. At the cost of a few short minutes on Youtube, you can learn a great deal about your marketing solution or a previously unthought of strategy. Some vendors even upload videos about the ins-and-outs of their own solutions. We’ve compiled some of the most useful videos on Youtube to help you iron out your marketing automation skills and your proficiency with various solutions.

To kick off the list, this video provides an overview of marketing automation as well as a breakdown of some of the common functionalities vendors offer. Channel host Greg Hickman explains the basics of marketing automation, then walks viewers through a step-by-step guide on how to implement a marketing automation solution. This video could help you expand your marketing reach beyond your expectations.

This succinctly titled video is part of a marketing series on FanaticsMedia’s channel. Dating back to 2015, it’s a little on the older side, but it remains remarkably relevant for modern marketing automation. The channel’s host, CEO of Evolve Mark Fidelman, brings in two guests for an hour-long round-table discussion about the best ways to see maximum ROI on your automation efforts, the optimal strategies for multi-channel marketing, common automation mistakes, and more. Former CEO of Act-on Software Andy MacMillan sheds some light on some particularly compelling automation hacks you’re definitely going to want to hear.

If you don’t have the time to sit through an hour long video discussion, you may prefer some rapid-fire automation facts and tricks. This video from Growth Tribe’s channel gives viewers quick information about new tools for marketing automation and links to several programming and coding resources for anyone seeking to become a solution developer in their own right…which may also be handy in customizing your automation efforts.

Murphy’s Law is a principle that dictates anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This absolutely applies to automation solutions. Given they are complex and multi-layered programs, any small mishap in any process can completely cripple your marketing efforts. Measureschool’s video goes through five easy-to-miss problems that can arise with automation and how to circumvent those issues.

Social media automation is an oft-neglected branch of the marketing automation tree. There’s a reason for that: it can be difficult to implement in a beneficial way. It’s very easy for the shortcomings of automation to be laid bare on social media, so enterprises can be understandably wary of implementing it. But social media automation isn’t just possible—with the right strategy and tools it can be wildly profitable. This video from Todd and Leah Rae gives you some helpful strategies to make the most out of your social media automation.

It can prove tempting to take the lazy route and wage a mass email campaign to random leads you generated from a contact list you bought. You must resist this temptation. A well-thought-out marketing campaign—sending emails to more relevant and interested individuals—can make each missive much more effective and thus generate higher conversion rates. This video, courtesy of vendor Hubspot, provides a rather straightforward guide to modern email marketing, with several marketing professionals discussing their experiences with email; their successes, their failures, and where campaigns should focus heading into the new year.

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