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Salesforce Announces New Marketing Cloud Innovations

Salesforce Announces New Marketing Cloud Innovations

Salesforce Announces New Marketing Cloud Innovations

Salesforce has recently announced new Marketing Cloud email innovations. These innovations include several Einstein features, interactive email integrated from their recent Rebel acquisition, and productivity updates for marketers to personalize email campaigns and improve customer engagement.

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The new Einstein features deliver new levels of personalization across email content and journeys. The first of these features is Einstein Content Selection. This automatically recommends which visual assets to use throughout an email, and is personalized to customers based on preferences and behaviors. Einstein Copy Insights uses natural language processing (NLP) to find the best words and phrases to include in email subject lines, text messages, and social media copy. Einstein Messaging Insights informs marketers how their email journeys or messages are performing, and recommends actions to improve their effectiveness.

With Salesforce’s acquisition of Rebel last fall, they’re now announcing that Rebel’s technology will soon be integrated into Marketing Cloud. Available in Pilot early next year, marketers will be able to leverage the Interactive Email feature while using Email Studio and Journey Builder.

Finally, this new update will bring new productivity capabilities that help marketers troubleshoot and deploy email campaigns faster. The first of these capabilities is Journey Templates, which allows marketers to create journey templates to share across their organizations, to quickly build and deploy different campaigns. The second is Testing and Validating, which helps marketers troubleshoot email marketing journeys. Testing and Validating automatically identifies errors and factors that need to be adjusted before activating a campaign.

To learn more about Salesforce and these new capabilities, click here.

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