[VIDEO] Solutions Review Explores: What is Marketing Automation?

[VIDEO] Solutions Review Explores: What is Marketing Automation?

The editors of Solutions Review are pleased to announced the first episode of our YouTube series “Solutions Review Explores” on marketing automation. This ongoing series promises to explore and explain the categories and nuances of enterprise technology in a compelling visual format. This first episode dedicated to marketing automation covers frequently asked questions relating to the topic, and delves into why this is an important solution for your business to utilize. 

Through Jonathan Paula’s expert narration, enterprises can learn about the core aspects of marketing automation, such as email list creation and management, automation workflows, landing page creation, and more. We also explore the advantages of marketing automation and why it could be a good fit for your business.

For even more on this topic, consult our marketing automation best practices series.

How to Watch “Solutions Review Explores”

Be sure to check out Solutions Review Explores as it updates on our YouTube Channel; we’re planning on doing more content on marketing automation and digital marketing solutions in the near future. We also have Solutions Review Explores for other technology categories, including Application Development, BPM, and SIEM — and we’re planning to cover multiple other tech sectors as well.

Additionally, our YouTube channel also offers other exclusive content and interviews with other enterprise software professionals. This is a great resource for enterprises looking for the latest tech news and information in video form.