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FireEye Announces SIEM Updates to FireEye Helix

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FireEye Announces SIEM Updates to FireEye Helix

Yesterday, cybersecurity firm FireEye—best known as an endpoint security solution provider—announced an update to their FireEye Helix solution. The goal of this FireEye Helix update is to automate security operations by combining SIEM capabilities with security orchestration. It can help enterprises monitor their cloud infrastructure on public platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services through centralized visibility.

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Through these new upgrades, FireEye Helix will allow enterprises to perform threat detection, response automation, and compliance reporting from a centralized platform. According to a press release, FireEye Helix also offers over 150 integrations and a comprehensive detection and response catalog.

Paul Nguyen, VP of Product Strategy and Product Management at FireEye, said in a statement: “Legacy SIEM tools have lost focus on detection and response. FireEye Helix brings true security back to SIEM.”

“We’re on the frontlines of the cyberwar and to keep pace with the adversaries, we have to automate as much as possible and give analysts the intel to make smarter decisions at key points in the response. These insights and capabilities are built into Helix to close the gap from detection to resolution and mitigate the impact of an attack.”

You can read the full release on the FireEye Helix update here.

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