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Top Ten LinkedIn Groups for SIEM and Security Analytics Professionals

Top Ten LinkedIn Groups for SIEM and Security Analytics Professionals

Top Ten LinkedIn Groups for SIEM and Security Analytics Professionals

LinkedIn is rightfully regarded as the premier social media platform for business professionals of all stripes. In the age of next-generation cybersecurity, this has proven especially true. No other digital platform allows enterprise technology professionals to gather, connect, share ideas, and otherwise network with the same efficiency and directedness of messaging as LinkedIn.

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If you are a business person working in the SIEM or security analytics marketplace—or you’re just looking for additional insights into what the smartest in the industry are talking about—the professional groups of LinkedIn are a great place to start. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 forums to join to discover new insights, best practices, and industry news about SIEM and security analytics. In no particular order:

Cyber Security Exchange Network

According to their own group description, the “Cyber Security Exchange Network is a community for cyber security professionals to network, share & discuss articles, strategy, content, ideas, practices, videos, live events, & webinars on topics including threat detection, threat prevention, endpoint security, information security, data & more.”

Visit this group here.

InfoSec Media

While the description of this LinkedIn group —“Latest Information Security Trends including video, audio, articles and more”—doesn’t do it justice. It is quietly an excellent research aggregation group. Subjects covered include forensics, machine learning, cloud security, specific attacks like island hopping, etc. It even has advice on cybersecurity newsletters!

Visit this group here.

Network Security – IPS and NAC

“This group is for seasoned professionals specializing in Network Security (IPS and NAC). This will be the place to discuss Network Security (Products, Solutions, Forecasts, Innovations, Queries, etc).” The debate over whether SIEM, security analytics, and network security are all different sides of the same coin rages on, but the resources found here are invaluable regardless of your answer.

Visit this group here.

Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI)  

“Open to individuals in academia, government, and industry to share data, information, and expertise relevant to research in intelligence and security informatics.” In practice, this LinkedIn group also compiles information on cybersecurity topics as far ranging as privileged access management and endpoint security. However, it also covers security analytics in great detail.

Visit this group here.

Information Security Network

“This group is simply dedicated to information security professionals who want to network with other information security professionals.” Even though the group is dedicated to networking, it’s also a great resource for accessing the inside conversation on security analytics from the experts directly. The articles and videos found here are what those on the front lines of digital security consider worthy of sharing with fellow professionals.

Visit this group here.   

Information Security Knowledge Group

“This group is open for all. Any one can join us. Through this group we start awareness programs among the security professionals and here we will discuss [the] latest technologies.” Indeed, recent posts to this LinkedIn Group include InfoSec book lists, advice on choosing MSSPs, and threat modeling.

Visit this group here.

Cyber Security Community

Here is another LinkedIn group not only dedicated to helping security analytics professionals but to helping those seeking answers to security questions:

“Topics of discussion include (not limited to)

*  What is the hottest technology

*  What are the biggest challenges

*  Changes in legislation

*  Best practices

*  Hot in the press

*  Cybercrime

*  New and emerging cyber threats”

Visit this group here.

Information Security Community

Seeking a SIEM or security analytics solution? This might be the group to bolster your research! “If you are involved in purchasing, selling, designing, deploying… or using information security solutions – this group is for you. Covered topics include compliance, encryption, anti-virus, malware, cloud security, data protection, hacking, network security, virtualization, and more.”

Visit this group here.

ISF – Information Security Forum

This LinkedIn “can better support global business leaders and information security professionals to build and embed cyber resilience in their organizational structure, planning processes, information risk management and information security initiatives.” It handles a wide range of cybersecurity topics, including security analytics.  

Visit this group here.   

Security Industry Group

How can you become a security analyst (or train someone to become a security analyst)? How do you utilize AI for your application security testing? What does the future of the security market look like? How do security applications learn? This LinkedIn group provides the articles answering these questions and more.

Visit this group here. 

There you have it! The top 10 LinkedIn groups for SIEM and security analytics professionals. Join the discussion!

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