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Hireology Announces Integration Partnership with BambooHR

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Hireology Announces Integration Partnership with BambooHR

Hireology, a leading provider of integrated hiring, talent management and HR solutions, today announced an integration partnership with BambooHR, the industry’s leading software provider dedicated to powering the evolution of HR for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

This partnership enables customers to benefit from using Hireology to source and hire quality candidates and automatically transfer new hires to BambooHR for ongoing HR management.

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“Hireology is focused on providing a proven hiring process to enable organizations to build their best teams,” said Adam Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Hireology. “But we know that an incredible experience can’t end when the hire is made. That’s why we’re excited to work with the BambooHR team to maintain an industry-best experience through onboarding and ongoing HR management.”

This strategic partnership between Hireology and BambooHR shows a special focus from both companies as the HR world continues to see demand for integrated, end-to-end systems. Today’s HR leaders require best-in-class features across hiring, onboarding, payroll and HRIS. With Hireology and BambooHR, HR managers can save time, reduce errors and improve data access.

“Hireology provides the foundation for businesses to source and hire quality candidates. We will continue to integrate with other best-in-class providers like BambooHR so each platform can do what it does best, resulting in an ecosystem of complementary solutions,” added Robinson.

BambooHR helps thousands of growing companies track and manage time off, training, and other vital company and employee information. Through their intuitive cloud-based platform, HR leaders can easily track HRIS activity across organizations while providing employees with the tools they need to manage their benefits, onboarding, time off and more.

“With Hireology now available on the BambooHR Marketplace, we’re looking forward to serving our combined customers a more seamless experience between our two platforms,” said Todd Grierson, senior director of business development and strategic initiatives at BambooHR. “We believe this integration will empower employees and managers to spend less time dealing with paperwork and processes and more time focusing on their people.”

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Download Link to Talent Management Buyer's Guide

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