BackupAssist Releases BackupAssist ER, an Automated Backup Tool

BackupAssist Releases BackupAssist ER, an Automated Backup ToolBackupAssist recently announced the general availability launch of BackupAssist ER. This new solution is a fully automated, disk-to-disk cloud backup for Windows Servers. The new software provides Express Recovery options that enable its users to achieve fast, predictable recoveries of data and systems, and to perform recoveries both locally and in the cloud. At an SME-friendly price point, BackupAssist ER delivers an alternative to more expensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) options.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Backup and Disaster Recovery helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.

BackupAssist provides automated backup and recovery software for small and medium enterprises. BackupAssist ER helps SMEs prepare for disaster scenarios by providing “unattended resilience.” By continuously having a local onsite copy and a cloud offsite copy of backup data, organizations can survive and recover from cyber threats, with resilience against the destruction of on-prem infrastructure.

BackupAssist ER installs on Windows Servers to perform disk-to-disk cloud backups and is bare metal capable across both. The solution offers three disaster recovery/business continuity methods, including virtual machine Instant Boot, bare metal recovery, and Download Cloud Backup to Anywhere. It also features three data recovery methods, such as granular files to any point in time, granular exchange to any point in time, and granular applications to any point in time.

In a press statement, Founder and CEO of BackupAssist, Linus Chang, said, “BackupAssist has a long and rich history in this space, and we’re proud to deliver our latest backup software in BackupAssist ER. We continue to engineer and deliver solutions that meet real-world IT, business, and budgetary requirements. Our partners and end customers spoke and we heard — they wanted automatic offsite backups with history and retention, fast local recoveries, and the option to recovery in the cloud when needed — all at a price an SMB could afford. With BackupAssist ER, all backups are recoverable from any machine and can be used for both full system recoveries and granular recoveries. The backups will always be there for you as its built-in CryptoSafeGuard feature shields your backups directly from potential malware attack, while also preventing them from being polluted with corrupted data.”

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