CISO Point of View: The ever-changing role of data, and the implications for data protection & storage security

From Continuity

The “business value” of data continues to grow, making it an organization’s key piece of intellectual property.

From a cyber risk perspective, attacks on data are the most prominent threat to organizations. Recent years have witnessed a dramatic shift in the cyber threat landscape, with organizational data becoming a prime target for cybercriminals.

We interviewed 8 CISOs to get their unique insights on new data protection methods and the importance of securing storage & backup, including: John Meakin, Former CISO at GlaxoSmithKline and Deutsche Bank, Joel Fulton, Former CISO at Symantec and Splunk, Endré Jarraux Walls, CISO at Customers Bank, and George Eapen, Group CIO (and former CISO) at Petrofac.

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