Three Key MANTA Data Lineage Tool Features You Should Know About

The MANTA Data Linage Tool includes a number of key features you should know about during the vendor evaluation process. MANTA offers a unified data lineage platform that maps all information flows to provide a complete overview of your data pipeline. The product reveals the data’s origins and its journey through all data processing systems […]

MANTA Adds New Active Tags Feature to Data Lineage Platform

MANTA recently announced a collection of enhancements to its flagship data lineage platform for helping customers navigate complex data environments. The release is highlighted by a new active tags feature which allows users to highlight any asset in the context of their own data pipelines. In addition to active tags, MANTA Data Lineage includes new […]

Octopai Launches Data Lineage XD and Associated Platform

Octopai recently announced the launch of Data Lineage XD and release of an associated multidimensional platform, according to a press release. Octopai Data Lineage XD provides a complete, in-depth view of data flow. According to Octopai, the release adds “Octopai’s new platform takes data lineage from the classic, monolithic, limited view of data to a […]

The 8 Best Open-Source Data Lineage Tools to Consider

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best open-source data lineage tools to consider for your next project. Searching for data integration and data management software can be a daunting (and expensive) process, one that requires long hours of research and deep pockets. The most popular enterprise data lineage tools often […]

Teradata Unveils as-a-service Data Lineage Tool Teradata DataDNA

Teradata recently announced the availability of Teradata DataDNA, a new as-a-service cross-platform data lineage offering. According to the vendor, Teradata DataDNA “delivers transparency into an organization’s data assets and their utilization across the ecosystem, regardless of platform or technology.” The tool provides insight into whether data is used, how it is used, and who is […]

Collibra Unveils Automated Lifecycle Data Mapping with Collibra Lineage

Collibra recently announced the release of Collibra Lineage, a data lineage tool that enables organizations to understand where data comes from and how it flows and transforms across the enterprise. The launch of Collibra Lineage also marks the first formal integration after Collibra acquired SQLdep in July of 2019. Collibra Lineage automatically maps the relationships […]