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Rightpoint Announces Acquisition of Digital Strategy Agency Bowfin

Rightpoint, an independent customer experience agency, has announced its acquisition of Salesforce partner and digital strategy agency Bowfin. Rightpoint focuses on helping companies adopt a technology-focused approach to business, and is passionate about creating impactful digital experiences. As consumer expectations continue to rise, it’s crucial for industries to keep up.

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“We are excited to have Bowfin’s team join Rightpoint as their capabilities and culture are a natural fit. Rightpoint is working with our clients’ Salesforce environments across the digital marketing, digital product development and modern workplace solutions we already offer. Adding Salesforce capabilities is a logical extension,” says Micah Swigert, Senior Vice President of Technology at Rightpoint.

In addition to Salesforce and other enterprise CRM expertise, the Bowfin team offers a variety of other services. These include systems integration, human experience design, website design & CMS development, custom application & emerging tech development, strategy consulting, digital community management, business intelligence & machine learning, and digital transformation and content management.

“The things we hear most often from our clients center around connecting sales pipelines with marketing automation and collaborative customer communities. The Salesforce platform provides for efficient delivery of these needs while also providing robust business intelligence across teams. Combining our Salesforce expertise with Rightpoint’s proven digital transformation and customer experience portfolio is a great opportunity for the market,” says John Hergert, CEO and Co-Founder of Bowfin.

Read Rightpoint’s press release here.


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