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5 Can’t Miss Events For Talent Management Pros in 2017

5 Can't Miss Events For Talent Management Pros in 2017

5 Can't Miss Events For Talent Management Pros in 2017

With the new year having just begun, it can’t help to keep an eye on what the year has in store for us in terms of talent management and HR oriented conferences. Human resource technology is in constant flux so it helps to have your finger on the pulse of the industry. From Chicago to Miami, Solutions review has you covered with all of the talent management conferences you may want to keep over the next 12 months.

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Assessing and Developing Potential and Performance Summit

When? May 16-18
Where? Hyatt Regency, Chicago Illinois

Developing leadership talent is a crucial function of performance management. This conference will address how to assess and develop high potential talent, and how to manage performance in a way that both fuels your leadership pipeline and ensures that your talent performs to the best of their ability. Performance management systems have evolved from evaluative to a developmental and results driven framework. The inputs from personal development plans, performance appraisals, and competency frameworks provide necessary information for identifying top leadership talent in an organization.”

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Talent Management Conference and Exposition

When? April 24-26
Where? Hyatt Regency, Chicago IL

“Designed specifically for recruitment and talent management professionals, the SHRM 2017 Talent Management Conference & Exposition gives you the tools, resources, innovations and solutions you need to evolve your human capital strategies. This fastpaced, energetic conference provides ideas that will advance you personally and professionally, while boosting your talent management strategies. More than a thousand of your peers will join us in Chicago April 24-26, 2017—this is an excellent opportunity to make new connections, network with old friends and expand your list of contacts.”

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When? March 7-9
Where? Hilton Downtown, Miami FL

“At HCI’s 2017 Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference, discover how leaders across various industries have embraced the role of artist and scientist. You’ll hear stories of organizational transformation and business success, through the lens of effective workforce planning. You’ll experience how data-driven decision-making has changed the way companies do business, and you’ll walk away with knowledge of the latest trends and best practices to begin moving your business into the future.”

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HR Metrics and Analytics Summit

When? February 27-March 1
Where? B Resort and Spa, Lake Buena Vista, FL

“Regardless of whether you’re a HR professional who is part of a mature analytics organization moving towards predictive capabilities, or if you’re only starting out on your analytics journey, you’ll likely face a host of challenges as you try to tie actionable business intelligence to the mountains of siloed HR data repositories you’re sitting on. Given the competitive nature of the current labor market, it’s not enough to track a few metrics just to tick off a box; analytics in action is what you need to master. That’s the theme of HRIQ’s 17th HR Metrics & Analytics Summit, taking place in Orlando February 27–March 1, and we have designed a comprehensive program to bring you up to speed.”

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TA Tech Leadership Summit

When? June 7-8,2017
Where? University of Minnesota Alumni Center, Minneapolis, MN

“There are no “pay-to-play” sessions masquerading as educational content or pundits recycling presentations with little or no take-home value. What you’ll find at the TAtech Leadership Summit is the opportunity to share your talent acquisition insights and knowledge with your peers and tap into and benefit from the lessons they’ve learned in their own work. You also won’t sit in some meeting hall and get talked at all day.  In fact, networking is a big part of TAtech events.  From informal conversations during coffee breaks, meals and cocktail receptions to the small group discussions that are an integral part of each program, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know others who share your interest in the power and promise of talent acquisition technology.”

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