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Acendre Introduces Partner Cloud to Enhance HR Tech Interoperability

Acendre Introduces Partner Cloud to Enhance HR Tech Interoperability

Acendre Introduces Partner Cloud to Enhance HR Tech Interoperability

Acendre, a worldwide leader in secure, cloud-based talent management software for regulated industry verticals, announced the introduction of the Acendre Partner Cloud. This provides customers and HR technology integrators with access to its robust Application Programming Interfaces (API’s).

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This ability to simplify the interoperability between Acendre solutions and other systems used by customers helps the customers in their modernization efforts through consolidation and integration of their HR infrastructure.

Today, the HR tech ecosystem is more complex than ever before, and organizations need to leverage functionality and data while easing security concerns and administrative efforts so they can see more return on their tech investment. The Acendre Partner Cloud lets customers, partners and integrators use Acendre’s APIs to improve the performance and administration of their entire HR ecosystem – such as Human Resources Information System (HRIS), payroll, onboarding systems, and organizational management solutions.

This, in turn, will help organizations improve their recruitment, performance management and employee development capabilities.

How do customers benefit from the Acendre Partner Cloud?

According to the company, customers have full access to the Acendre Partner Cloud Platform (via Single-Sign-On). This contains Acendre’s APIs that support data exchange between systems following web-based best practices. Acendre’s robust APIs help organizations leverage the systems and data they have, making it easy for any HR system to share workforce information and records with one another. The ability to easily utilize multiple HR systems helps organizations embrace the best systems for their environment, without compromising functionality.

Acendre Partner Cloud members also receive:

  • Dedicated Acendre HR and IT specialists
  • Early notification of and access to new and enhanced APIs
  • Access to events and network opportunities

“Acendre understands that the basic currency for improving workforce performance is people data which exists in numerous systems that each deliver value across the organization,” said Mike Giuffrida co-founder and CEO of Acendre. “The Acendre Partner Cloud delivers a secure toolset that allows customers to tie together their Acendre solutions with their broader HR ecosystem, ensuring that the value of their systems and people data can be maximized.”

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