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Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management: Enhancing Employee Experience

Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management Enhancing Employee Experience


Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management Enhancing Employee Experience

Analyst house, Gartner Inc., recently released their latest Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management: Enhancing Employee Experience report. Monitoring and enhancing employee experience requires more than a single solution. Gartner states that application leaders can use this research to review recent examples of innovation and potentially enhance their set of solutions to support the digital transformation of HR.

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When combined effectively, employee engagement, employee experience, and employee effectiveness optimize HR through technology and provide insightful analytics. The Cool Vendors within this report draw attention to innovative employee engagement methods deployed via technology. According to Gartner, these software vendors are disrupting traditionally held beliefs and approaches to improve employee engagement outcomes.

Today, the digital workplace is redefining relationships between employees and employers. Application leaders today must reconsider traditional engagement strategies and evaluate if they remain relevant to the expectations of employees. This goes beyond thinking about workplace environment. They must also take into account the substantial effect that events and issues outside of work can have on overall employee engagement and productivity, such as external factors ( finances, relationships and health).

According to Gartner, vendors included in the report represent separate applications that exploit:

  • AI and social collaboration to recommend skills and competencies for improved employee mobilization and workforce management.
  • Mobile technology to improve the scalability of leadership coaching.
  • Education and engagement methods factored into flexible earned wage access technology for hourly workers.
  • Pulse surveys aggregated with employee feedback and performance to drive employee effectiveness analytics.

Gartner’s Key Findings

  • Adoption of internal talent marketplace technology is low, hindering talent mobility and employee engagement through the perception of limited career development opportunities.
  • Traditional approaches to leadership coaching overlook digital and mobile-enabled technology, resulting in poor scalability, employee experience and ROI.
  • The vast majority of organizations have failed to address the impact of personal influences and issues on employee effectiveness and engagement, particularly for hourly paid workers.

Application leaders responsible for transforming HCM technology should:

  • Deploy innovative internal talent technologies to manage talent mobility where specific expertise, skills and competencies are critical to business success.
  • Use mobile technologies to scale leadership coaching across employee groups and dispersed coaching talent.
  • Optimize employee assessments using machine learning (ML) to drive personalization.
  • Gather organizational analytics across three areas of focus — employee engagement, employee experience and employee effectiveness — to measure effectiveness and drive strategy.

Vendors Included

The follow software vendors have been included in Gartner’s 2019 Cool Vendor report for their innovative employee engagement methods deployed via technology; 365Talents, BetterUp, Espressive, Even, and Culture Amp. Gartner analysts explain why these companies are “cool,” challenges they face, and who should care for (HR leaders, CIO’s, CTO’s, etc.).

Download Gartner’s 2019 Cool Vendor in HCM for Enhancing Employee Experience report.

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