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What to Expect at Solution Review’s Solution Spotlight with Amplitude on March 27th

What to Expect at Solution Review’s Solution Spotlight with Amplitude on March 27th

What to Expect at Solution Review’s Solution Spotlight with Amplitude on March 27th

Solutions Review’s Solution Spotlight with Amplitude is part of an exclusive webinar series for business software users across the enterprise. This event will feature an hour-long discussion and software demo focusing on unlocking the power of product-led growth initiatives.

What is a Solutions Spotlight?

Solutions Review’s Solution Spotlights are exclusive webinar events for industry professionals across enterprise technology. Since its first virtual event in June 2020, Solutions Review has expanded its multimedia capabilities in response to the overwhelming demand for these events. Solutions Review’s current menu of online offerings includes the Demo Day, Solution Spotlight, best practices or case study webinars, and panel discussions. And the best part about the “Spotlight” series? They are free to attend!

Why You Should Attend

Solutions Review is one of the largest communities of IT executives, directors, and decision-makers across enterprise technology marketplaces. Every year, over 10 million people come to Solutions Review’s collection of sites for the latest news, best practices, and insights into solving some of their most complex problems.

With the next Solution Spotlight event, Solutions Review’s team has partnered with Amplitude, a product analytics and event tracking platform provider. In this webinar session, Amplitude’s VP of Growth will provide an overview of the company’s platform, show viewers how they can apply data insights into their product-led growth workflows, and use those workflows in their ongoing marketing efforts.


Laura Schaffer, Vice President of Growth: Alongside her role as the VP of Growth at Amplitude, Laura is an angel investor who provides advisory services to companies working on their PLG/PLS strategy and execution efforts, helping them find product-market fits, build teams, and reach developers. Before joining Amplitude, she founded and led the Product Growth team at Twilio.

About Amplitude

Amplitude is a digital analytics and event-tracking platform that provides companies with self-service visibility into customer journeys. With its platform, companies across B2B, e-commerce, healthcare, financial services, and media markets can track customer activity, identify what drives growth, and accelerate their business outcomes.


  • What: “Unlocking the Power of Product-Led Growth with Amplitude”
  • When: Thursday, March 27th, 2024, at 12:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Where: Zoom meeting (see registration page for more details)

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