NetDimensions Talent Slate: Now Supporting Windows 10

NetDimensions Talent Slate: Now Supporting Windows 10

NetDimensions, a global provider of performance, knowledge and talent management systems, recently announced that it’s award winning mobile application, NetDimensions Talent Slate, now supports the WIndows 10 operating system. NetDimensions Talent Slate 2.0, the latest addition of the company’s mobile app, was developed based on the Xamarin cross-platform development framework. For those who are unfamiliar with Xamarin, it is a Microsoft-owned software company that builds native mobile apps for multiple platforms.

NetDimensions Talent Slate is a mobile learning application for iPad and Android tablets that enables organizations to make full use of their mobile device investments by distributing and tracking learning content, news, and reference materials anytime, anywhere. It is also available on iPhones and Android smartphones as a powerful performance support tool.

According to Scott Tompkins, Mobile Development Manager at NetDimensions, the Xamarin framework, combined with some unique application architecture of their own, allows NetDimensions to achieve native application-level performance on all major mobile platforms, with minimal platform-specific development work.

Already available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices, NetDimensions Talent Slate 2.0 also includes support for Microsoft Surface Pro devices as well as laptop/desktop computers running on Windows 10. Surface Pro devices are an attractive option in the enterprise space, as they provide support for legacy Windows applications in a convenient tablet form.

“We’re seeing increasing adoption of Windows 10 devices, and are happy to add them to the broad range of devices already supported by NetDimensions Talent Slate 2.0,” noted Adrian Weaver, Director of Global Product Management at NetDimensions.

NetDimensions Talent Slate 2.0 provides offline access to courses, learning records, reference resources, news, and assessments as well as mobile learning and on-the-job performance support based on NetDimensions Talent Suite.

NetDimensions Talent Suite is an enterprise Talent Management System (TMS), which focuses on learning and performance management at its core. It helps organizations in highly regulated industries worldwide achieve productivity and efficiency improvements, cost reduction, compliance management, and cultural/process innovation with a practical approach to support an innovative model of ongoing integrated talent management.

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