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Growth and Innovation Continues for SuccessFactors by SAP

Growth and Innovation Continues for SuccessFactors by SAP

Growth and Innovation Continues for SuccessFactors by SAP

Over the last five and a half years since SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors, the company has grown immensely. Under the leadership of Mike Ettling, SuccessFactors has started to innovate in ways that lead the fast-growing high competitive human capital software market.

According to data released by SuccessFactors, the company now has more than 47 million users on the platform, more than 6,200 client accounts and the core HR business is growing at 51 percent year over year.

SAP SuccessFactors is designed to manage all the people processes across all industries, and although the product set is highly complex, the company has leading functionality in nearly all areas of HR: from recruiting to performance management to learning. This includes tools to manage hourly and contingent workers, payroll in more than 37 countries, extensive analytics, and a complete mobile platform.

Bringing all these product together, according to Josh Bersin, leading analyst in HR, talent management, leadership and HR technology, has taken large investment and a lot of focused effort. The product set includes learning management technology from Plateau, social learning tools from Jambok, analytics software InfoHRM, contingent workforce management tools from Fieldglass, and payroll and ERP functionality from core HCM applications developed by SAP.

Together, these acquisitions have been integrated in a variety of ways: through the user interface, harmonizing back-end system, and replatforming to HANA, SAP’s strategic database and technology stack.

The world of HR, talent and people management is consistently changing, forcing HR software companies to continuously innovate. In this way, SuccessFactors has been able to stay ahead of the market in many ways.

Bersin explains:

  1. SuccessFactors is the first ERP/HCM vendor to deliver a next-generation continuous performance management solution.
  2. SuccessFactors has pioneered the use of chatbots and cognitive interfaces through the launch of “Conversational HR” or chatbots.
  3. SuccessFactors developed innovative analytics and AI (artificial intelligence) tools to help with diversity, bias and inclusion.
  4. Seeing a continued evolution of user experience by SAP’s strategic alliance with Apple, enabling the two companies to work together on new user interfaces.
  5. Although digital HR software isn’t easy to build, SAP and SuccessFactors recognize this but have proven their ability to execute and innovate.

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