Josh Bersin on HR’s Essential Role in The New World of Work

Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, spoke to HRD Connect about how he envisions the future of work to look like. In this short 15 minute video, he explains why as HR professionals “we shouldn’t be fearful of Artificial Intelligence (AI),” and argues instead, HR professionals should be embracing it in order to adapt to the digital era and the ever-changing work environment.

Here’s a little snippet of transcript from the video:

“We have designed the HR function in these functional silos. We have a recruiting department, we have a employee engagement department, we have a compensation and benefits department…those are all important practices of HR but we shouldn’t just focus on them as processes. The real process of HR is facilitating the productivity of employees, and those practices have to be our tools that we use.”

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