Glassdoor Finds Artificial Intelligence as the Next Tool HR Teams Need to Hire and Retain Talent

Glassdoor Finds Artificial Intelligence as the Next Tool HR Teams Need to Hire and Retain Talent

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already begun impacting nearly every industry in some way, however, this kind of technology is poised to make waves in one industry in particular in 2018: Human Resources (HR).

According to a recent Glassdoor report, a growing list of vendors in the HR tech sector are offering AI solutions in order to help HR professionals find and retain top talent. These vendors includeEntelo, Textio, Textkernal and HiringSolved.

Alison DeNisco Rayome, staff writer for TechRepublic, reports these particular vendors offer AI solutions that help recruiters sort through resumes, make predictive matches between job seekers and positions using data, correct biases in the language used in job descriptions, and use bots to schedule candidate interviews.

“Rather than replacing HR experts, revolutionary new AI tools are complementing people’s skills,” wrote Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist, in the report. “AI is taking over low-value aspects of many HR jobs, allowing professionals to focus on higher-value uses of their time.”

Business processes, like talent management, that were previously human capital-intensive will be considered for automation, according to Phil Alexander, CEO and founder of Nexus A.I., software that helps enterprises find employees or teams that match their project needs.

“AI allows humans to have a sanity check with an unbiased recommendation,” Alexander said. “It allows vast amounts of data to be collected and processed that would be beyond human capability.”

AI tools can potentially help companies identify hard-to-find candidates at scale, as well as correct gender and other biases in hiring, according to the Glassdoor report. Rayome argues that HR professionals that are faced with “resume overload” can also use these tools to more effectively identify needed skill sets.

“Many AI solutions today are affordable and easy-to-use, and we expect to see much broader adoption in recruiting and HR in 2018 and beyond,” Chamberlain wrote in the Glassdoor report.

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