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PeopleFluent Brings HR Software Offerings to the Mid-Enterprise Market

PeopleFluent Brings HR Software Offerings to the Mid-Enterprise Market

PeopleFluent Brings HR Software Offerings to the Mid-Enterprise MarketIntegrated talent management and learning solutions provider, PeopleFluent, has announced it is expanding its range of HR platforms to suit mid-enterprise businesses with 1,000-5,000 employees. Before this point, PeopleFluent’s HR software solutions for recruitment, succession, performance, learning, and compensation have been targeted at enterprises with 5,000+ employees, larger HR teams, and complex talent management needs.

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In a press statement, PeopleFluent’s Managing Director, Stephen Bruce stated, “PeopleFluent understands that mid-enterprise have their own unique needs and strategies. Through a robust set of user-friendly administrative tools, our solutions have the flexibility required to adapt to those needs and strategies.PeopleFluent mid-enterprise products are built around the concept of great user experience and are amazingly feature-rich. You get all the sophistication of large-scale talent needs but delivered and deployed with an intuitive, easy-to-understand user experience that can be pre-configured to best practices. The end result is we’re deploying HR software out of the box where an organization can be up and running in a couple of weeks, as opposed to several months.”

The mid-enterprise HR software applications are cloud-based and come with bundled premium support, as well as managed service offerings where businesses have access to PeopleFluent technical experts to help with system configurations or other administrative changes. 

All products are sold as standalone platforms or bundled according to customer needs. These bundles take organization size, organization requirements, and problems the organization is trying to solve into account.

PeopleFluent assists organizations with hiring, developing, and advancing a skilled and motivated workforce. Implemented separately or as a suite, the provider’s software covers talent acquisition, performance, succession, compensation, and learning. The vendor’s solutions unify talent processes within a collaborative experience that allows HR and L&D teams to guide employees and managers with contextual learning.

To read PeopleFluent’s full press release, click here.

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