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The 24 Best Talent Management Companies for 2020

The 24 Best Talent Management Companies for 2020

The 24 Best Talent Management Companies for 2020Solutions Review’s listing of the best talent management companies is an annual sneak peek of the solution providers included in our Buyer’s Guide and Solutions Directory. Information was gathered via online materials and reports, conversations with vendor representatives, and examinations of product demonstrations and free trials.

Regardless of the number of features a Talent Management solution boasts, it’s still built off of a core idea; to ensure the highest percentage of employee retention and engagement. Talent Management companies offer core HR software solutions with the addition of some key features designed to manage and support employees. Recently, Human Capital Management (HCM) suites have become popular as well, as they support core HR, payroll, talent management, workforce management, and HR service management.

For HCM suites, the importance of the overall user experience cannot be understated. As live conversations with HR administrators decrease, the need for a compelling and personalized user experience continues to grow. We’ve noticed that usability, process transparency, and real-time analysis are critical components to an effective user experience. Additionally, we’ve found that artificial intelligence features separate the leaders in HCM from the followers, and a technology divide is starting to grow between these groups of vendors.

Selecting the best talent management company to work with can be a daunting task, and we’re here to help. That’s why our editors have compiled this list of the 24 best talent management companies to consider if you’re looking for a new solution.

Check out our online talent management best practices section for even more guides, advice, and how-to content.

Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

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Link to ADP

ADP helps you develop your workers so both you and they grow together in the long run. Their talent management offering, ADP Workforce Now, is an integrated HR solution designed for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. The software comes equipped with benefits, payroll, talent management, and time & attendance features. ADP is also notable for its mobile support and a mobile HTML offering that works well with Android, Blackberry, and other mobile platforms.

Link to Applicant Stack

ApplicantStack is designed to assist companies with applicant tracking and onboarding, specifically for the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. This affordable software gives organizations the tools to help develop employment applications, create and post new open positions, share positions through social media, and build screening questionnaires to accompany online applications. ApplicantStack simplifies the review process, allowing HR departments to easily view which candidates are a good fit for the position.

Link to Bird Dog

BirdDogHR simplifies talent management for hard-working organizations by providing recruitment and applicant tracking, onboarding, performance, learning management, succession planning, benefits management, payroll, ACA compliance and time and attendance tracking. BirdDogHR specializes in high-consequence and government contracting industries since they have unique needs. Companies from other industries can use the BirdDogHR talent management solution too, but the solution is built with the most rigorous compliance needs in mind.

Link to Cegid

Cegid offers integrated, cloud-based talent management and HR solutions that provide businesses with the tools for communication between employees, managers, and candidates. The vendor’s comprehensive talent management suite is designed to complement existing systems while bringing deep functionality to critical aspects of talent acquisition, performance management, succession planning, compensation, talent profile management, and learning and development.

Link to Ceridian

Ceridian is a global human capital management (HCM) software company offering HR, payroll, talent management, benefits, and workforce management solutions all in the cloud. Dayforce, the company’s flagship cloud HCM platform, provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management capabilities in a single solution. The platform helps users manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding to paying people and developing their careers. Ceridian provides solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global organizations.

Link to ClearCompany

Originally founded in 2004 as HRM Direct, ClearCompany started as a pioneer in cloud-based talent management systems. Today, driven by a vision of a world where organizations perform optimally with empowered managers and engaged employees, ClearCompany is a fast-growing Talent Management Platform. Their unique approach puts company mission and vision at the center of over 2,000 clients’ talent processes, providing a strategic understanding of hiring, onboarding, and employee performance.

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Link to Cornerstone

Cornerstone OnDemand presents a powerful and fully customizable cloud-based Talent Management Suite comprised of an integrated package of modules designed for large businesses. This suite handles all the matters related to recruitment, employment, and training. The vendor also presents a trimmed down version as well, which caters to the needs of small to midsized businesses. This version contains performance and learning modules, while the full version contains seven modules. Each application with Cornerstone is built using a single code base that gives users one centralized talent management system.

Link to Deltek

Deltek has offered its talent management software since 1999, bolstered by its acquisition of HRsmart in 2015. Their talent management solution is available as a modular system that allows companies to choose what functions they need. Each solution included in the suite is available as either a best of breed or as a standalone, while also being compatible with other modules. With this option, clients are not only able to choose the solution they need but also replace existing software with ease.
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Link to HealthcareSource

HealthcareSource presents a talent management suite focused entirely on the healthcare industry with a number of features including applicant tracking, onboarding, learning management, performance management, and much more. HealthcareSource recognizes that the key to providing quality patient service is to find the ideal candidate for the job. This vendor prides itself on bringing together software, service, content, and analytics to help healthcare organizations build a highly trained workforce.

Link to iCMS

iCIMS offers leading software solutions and tools to unify all aspects of talent acquisition. With iCIMS, companies can manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle within a single SaaS application. With recruiting, offer management, onboarding and relationship management tools, the flexible, scalable, and easy to use iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite supports organizations of all sizes, in all industries. iCIMS delivers faster integration activation with less reliance on IT resources and their industry-leading integrations refine your recruitment processes without disrupting mission-critical hiring workflows.

Link to Kronos

Kronos offers the industry’s most powerful suite of tools and services to manage and engage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire. The company’s HCM software provides an end-to-end employee lifecycle management solution, and because workforce needs are constantly changing, Kronos solutions are designed to evolve with you to help meet the challenges you face every day, regardless of your industry or where you do business. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Kronos HCM solutions help organizations increase employee engagement for stronger business results to strengthen customer satisfaction, increase revenue, improve patient care, and deliver quality products.

Link to Meta4

Meta4 is a privately held corporation that offers on-premise and SaaS solutions for HCM and payroll. While the software has traditionally focused on human resources, they’ve made broad steps in the talent management arena adding a number of features including recruitment, compensation, and performance management. Meta4 has built a number of partnerships around the world including consultancies, technology firms, and global integrators. The vendor has also strengthened its software solution by offering 3rd party software products that directly integrate with Meta4.

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Link to Namely

Namely offers an all-in-one HR platform for mid-sized companies that covers all of your essential HR needs, including payroll, talent management, benefits management, time management, and core HR. Namely acts as your singular system of record, powering your entire company. The company’s talent management suite allows businesses to conduct paperless onboarding, track goals, conduct performance reviews and features performance management, ongoing feedback, and more. Namely acts as your singular system of record with open API, powering your entire company.

Link to Oracle

Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud provides talent acquisition, performance management, and learning management software for businesses that are looking to source and hire talent with maximum employee performance. Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud software is designed for organizations both large and small across a variety of industries. Their performance management, goal management, and succession planning tools are designed to help companies get the most out of each hire: optimizing ROI, and promoting better business results.

Link to PageUp

PageUp Unified Talent Management is a strategic human capital management software solution, capable of delivering outcomes across the entire employee lifecycle, via technology built for a mobile and social world. It comprises recruitment and application tracking, onboarding, performance management, learning management, and succession planning modules, with in-depth HR analytics capabilities running across the entire suite. PageUp provides ONE experience and ONE platform for you to deliver and manage your talents’ journey, ensuring you spend your time working on outcomes, not with inputs.

Link to PeopleAdmin

The PeopleAdmin talent management offering, SelectSuite, provides users in education and government verticals with the tools required to maximize operational effectiveness and minimize risk. Organizations can simplify and automate their hiring process and monitor employee performance, while also building and retaining compliant audits. The solution is recommended for organizations related to education and government with more than 100 employees. PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite provides a fresh look at talent management effectiveness with your data being interpreted into actionable and easy to use information.

Link to PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent presents a cloud-based talent management suite that’s complemented by applications for vendor management, workforce planning and diversity, and analytics. Total Talent Management includes recruitment, performance management, compensation, learning, and succession. PeopleFluent is able to be integrated with almost any core HR/HCM system through its data integration managed service. The software combines video, analytics, mobility and collaborative social technologies into one product.

Link to Saba

Saba Software delivers a cloud-based talent management solution used by organizations to drive talent development initiatives and to increase employee engagement. Born from learning, built on collaboration and designed to be simple, the Saba Cloud solution offers a wide range of capabilities in learning, performance, engagement, recruiting, compensation, succession, and workforce planning. Saba acquired Halogen Software in 2017, which was an important milestone and part of the company’s strategy to become a leader in talent development.

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Link to SAP

SAP SuccessFactors is the global provider of cloud-based HCM software. The vendor’s suite integrates onboarding, social business and collaboration tools, a learning management system, performance management, recruiting software, applicant tracking software, succession planning, talent management, and HR analytics to deliver business strategy alignment, team execution, and maximum people performance to organizations of all sizes across more than 60 industries.

Link to SilkRoad

SilkRoad’s talent management software, Talent Activation, is a full comprehensive cloud-based solution that contains a number of HR tech solutions. Users can choose the entire suite or specific module to match their company’s needs. SilkRoad is also integrated within Microsoft’s Active Directory which allows users with a single sign-on so that employees are able to transition between each of the SilkRoad modules. Each of the modules are contained in the SilkRoad portal, which is designed to increase engagement, collaboration, and user adoption.

Link to TalentQuest

TalentQuest provides an innovative Talent Management software suite that empowers companies to more effectively hire, manage, develop and retain the best talent. Their solutions leverage the unique traits, tendencies, and learning styles to help organizations maximize the potential of each employee. TalentQuest’s cloud-based talent management solutions are used by leading organizations worldwide. The TalentQuest platform is powered by behavioral science and the provider’s proprietary TQ Talent Insights.

Link to TalentSoft

Talentsoft provides cloud-based talent management software with a number of in-house options. Talentsoft manages employee recruitment, learning, performance, competencies, careers, and compensation. This centralized talent management solution keeps employee information in one easy to access place. Talentsoft allows users to analyze and act on human capital, build their human resource plans, and manage career and succession planning from one place.

Link to Ultimate Software

UltiPro HCM presents an end-to-end solution that includes payroll, human resources, and a talent management system that is delivered as a SaaS solution. Ultimate Software’s UltiPro HCM software suite provides businesses under 1,000 employees with full visibility of the entire employee lifecycle from recruiting to retirement. UltiPro HCM can be scaled to meet the demands of businesses of different sizes in a number of different industries and is able to reduce administrative workloads by automating all of the company’s HR processes.

Link to Workday

Workday presents a full HR suite that covers everything from administration, talent management, recruitment, and time tracking for medium and large enterprises. This vendor is renowned for its commitment to customer service. Workday is also a highly flexible solution that allows you the ability to take the data stored within their HR talent management suite with you. Other solutions may lock up the data with them, keeping you from accessing it if you ever decide to leave. It allows for easy downloading of all of your information with no additional fee.

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