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Oracle Announces Eloqua Updates to Increase Lead Communication

Oracle's Bronto to Update with Email Marketing Improvements
Oracle Announces Eloqua Updates to Increase Lead Communication

Source: Oracle

Recently, solution provider Oracle announced that it would be releasing updates to its Eloqua platform to accelerate lead generation and increase conversion rates for B2B interaction. These updates allow more effective communication between marketers and potential customers.

Among the incoming updates includes a new landing page creator, facilitating a more streamlined process in creating visually appealing content that incorporates rotating images and video backgrounds. A new sales tool allows sales teams to access lead insights and track emails sent to leads. The final new rollout in this update is the inclusion of a more secure auditing system, ensuring added security for sensitive and proprietary data.

Oracle offers a variety of cloud marketing products including Bronto, Eloqua, and Responsys. Each option brings its own strengths and customization for your marketing needs. For example, Eloqua is the B2B marketing option and Bronto is for B2C. Oracle Marketing Cloud is part of Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite, an integrated suite of applications that enable organizations to take manage customer experience and business transformation initiatives. By providing a business platform that connects data, experiences and outcomes, Oracle CX Cloud Suite helps customers reduce IT complexity and achieve predictable and tangible business results.

In a press statement, the company’s VP of Product Management Pierre Custeau said: “In order to drive sales and strengthen brand and customer loyalty, B2B marketers increasingly have to deliver irresistible, consistent and connected experiences to customers wherever they are and however they choose to engage. With the addition of powerful new content creation, sales tools and auditing capabilities, we are continuing to set the industry standard for marketing automation.”

There are currently no set dates as to when these new functionalities will be available in the live version of the software.

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