Plixer Announces Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Monitoring Support for Scrutinizer

Network monitoring and security provider Plixer today announced that they are introducing multi-vendor SD-WAN monitoring support for their network security and intelligence platform Scrutinizer. These additions expand Scrutinizer’s visibility and support for SD-WAN networks, making it easier for network administrators to track SD-WAN deployments regardless of the hardware. With Scrutinizer, users can observe every piece […]

Lavelle Networks Releases SD-WAN Network Monitoring Mobile App

India-based enterprise networking company Lavelle Networks recently announced the release of the CloudStation App. The app, an extension of their network orchestration software, allows users to monitor their SD-WAN network’s performance from their mobile devices. The CloudStation App provides the same network monitoring tools as their SD-WAN solution to help IT teams keep their network […]

SevOne and Versa Networks Announce Partnership to Secure SD-WAN

Network and infrastructure management company, SevOne, announced a new partnership with Versa Networks. The partnership centers around the SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring Solution supporting Versa Networks’ Secure Cloud IP Platform for SD-WAN. SevOne’s SD-WAN Monitoring Solution allows enterprises and managed service providers to eliminate network management risks when introducing SD-WAN. The combination of SevOne and Versa […]

A Five Part Business Case for SD-WAN

Agility is one word that packs a punch in operations. Nearly every business leader today is set on creating a more agile business, promoting an adaptable and flexible environment that can respond to changing business needs on a dime. Business agility is near impossible though without an agile IT team to support it. Along with […]

Top Tips for SD-WAN Migration

Software Defined Wide Area Networks are becoming an increasingly enticing option for many enterprises. From offering cost savings, centralized control, improved network agility to more efficient use of low-cost Internet, the SD-WAN approach offers innumerable benefits. If your business has decided to take the route of SD-WAN, here’s a few pointers to make the transition […]

Live from the 2018 Identiverse Conference in Boston, MA (Tuesday)

7:34 Good morning! Once again, Solutions Review is coming to you live from the Identiverse Conference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA! The Identiverse Conference is the largest event around digital identity in the world, and from what we’ve seen so far it’s been worth the wait! We’ll be once more updating throughout the […]

How to Stop Ransomware Attacks like Petya and WannaCry

On Friday, May 19th the world woke up to one of the biggest cyberattacks in history. The WannaCry ransomware attack spread like wildfire through vulnerable Windows machines across the globe late last week, infecting over 230,000 machines in 150 countries and blocking users from their data unless they agreed to pay approximately $300 in Bitcoin. The attack’s […]

Top 10 Apocalyptic Predictions: What to Expect after WannaCry

By Dean Nicolls The recent WannaCry ransomware attack paralyzed more than 100,000 companies globally. The bad news is the speed, scope and devastation that WannaCry, and its subsequent variants, wrought. However, the silver lining is the relatively small amount of ransom apparently collected (most estimates peg the figure around $50,000). By my math, that’s just […]

Shadow Brokers Want $21k for a Monthly NSA Zero-Day Subscription

The Shadow Brokers, the hacking group that stole NSA hacking tools and released the exploits used in the recent WannaCrypt ransomware attacks, is launching a new subscription service for stolen zero-day exploits. In a statement published this week, the group offered subscriptions for its zero-day-as-a-service for the low-low cost of 100 units of Zcash cryptocurrency, or […]

Could Apple Release a Siri SDK Sooner than we Think?

Rumors are currently stirring that Apple is about to announce some big plans of their own in the wake of Google’s announcement of an Amazon Echo competitor. Voice assistant devices are the new frontier of tech and Apple is rumored to have plans of opening up the Siri SDK to allow Siri apps to be […]